Holiday dream to Selinunte in Sicily 6/21/2024
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Festival di Arti Piriche a Marinella di Selinunte

A burst of vibrant red in the first evening of the race of the Games of Artifice.

The spectacle of the Festival of the Arts Piriche Marinella di Selinunte is now a tradition that is repeated year after year, everyone knows everyone and expect to see him, commenting in the meantime preparations that there are continuing to harbor and Place of Bruca's Scalo.

A spectacular image of the battery of fireworks shooting from a distance

At the end of the summer season Selinuntines (towards the end of August) the city of Castelvetrano organizes the "Festival of Fireworks", which compete among themselves the most renowned companies of fireworks in Italy, and so for three consecutive evenings, the sea calm and the sky of Selinunte ignite the vivid colors and incredible barrels more, created by companies to win the title and the satisfaction of having given life to the spectacle of fireworks in the most beautiful race.

Golden stalks exploding in the sky and magically descend on the sea of Selinunte

Anticipate the spectacle of the Games of Artifice, two other major events Selinuntines, one is feast of sardines the procession and the other at Sea, Sacred Heart of Mary (even for this event closes the evening with a spectacular Games artifice).
Everything is entertainment, before the race a series of events preceding the outbreak of fires: singers and groups who perform thickness on stage in the square of the live music, stalls, bazaars and a lot of people that literally flooded the village of Marinella di Selinunte.

The Festival of FireWorks is a spectacular event that has pointed to the presence of over twenty thousand people

To win the race, they care not only fireworks but also the spectacular and innovation: new forms and colors, barrels departing from the sea, all spledidamente synchronized to the rhythm of music. A great show, a spectacle that leaves literally blow the audience to finish the season in fabulous Selinuntines. Suffice it to say that we have calculated points of presence of more than twenty people.

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