Holiday dream to Selinunte in Sicily 5/21/2024
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Typical products of Valle del Belice

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Black Bread of Castelvetrano Seasoned (Lu Pani Cunsatu)

The black bread of Castelvetrano in its shape and vastedda strand.

Bread Black of Castelvetrano can consume food and meals as normally gets with all the other loaves, it also accompanies very well with meats, cheeses and Nocellara Olives canteen.
One way typical and ancient degustarlo for condirlo however, is still warm, recipe dialect known as "Lu pani cunsatu" (The Bread seasoned).

It is prepared in this way:
Take the black bread still warm, just sfornato, and divide it into two or slices, condirlo Oilo extra virgin olive Nocellara del Belice , salt, oregano, tomato dry or fresh cut slices, cheese pecorino first salt or even with the Vastedda del Belice, salted anchovies and a clove of garlic cut into small pieces.
Superfluous to say which is a delicacy.

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