Holiday dream to Selinunte in Sicily 6/21/2024
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Festival of black bread in Marinella di Selinunte

Part of the group of organizers, the Bakers of Selinunte, which have produced over 1,500 kg of black bread and organized the event.

Continue the tradition of festival of black bread, continuing the success of black bread of Castelvetrano, in fact another edition for bread longest in the world, held through the streets of Marinella of Selinunte. The Bakers selinuntini again organized the festival of bread, with over 1,500 kg of black bread seasoned with sardines blue selinuntine , tomato and extra virgin olive oil Nocellara del Belice, which is the typical recipe of "Pani Cunsatu".

The black bread is on a tavoloccia wooden crosses all the main streets of Selinunte, by way Pigafetta until the Piazza della Scala of Bruca.

A great feast, which now has become a tradition, a fair layer is repeated every year Selinunte around mid-to late September there is an festival of black bread Castelvetrano, away from Pigafetta to continue on the path Marco Polo and end at Via Scalo Bruca up to the square of the Scaro; well over 1 km of loaf of black bread is provided on a table all along the main streets of Selinunte, and every year increases its length to beat the Guinness Book of World Records last year.

Very beautiful the scenery is the feast of black bread, before the entry of local bread does not stop but standing on the arches specially constructed to allow entry.

black bread is cut into slices and free from personal organizer to visitors, tourists and crowds of people growing every year, numerous rushes to attend the festival of black bread, surrounded by groups that perform folk music, and local kiosks which provide drinks to drink, all in a climate of great celebration and joy.

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