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The Sea and the Sun of Sicily

The greatest Archaeological Park in Europe

Typical products of Valle del Belice

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Restaurant Pizzeria Pierrot, the terrace overlooking on the Mediterranean

Marinella di Selinunte in Marco Polo Street, n° 108 - CAP 91022 Castelvetrano Selinunte (TP)
Tel: 0924 46205
Fax: 0924 46677
Cell. 340 4097412

Web Site:
email: pierrotselinunte
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View of Restaurant Pierrot from via Marco Polo di Marinella of selinunte

The Restaurant Pierrot overlooking the sea front Marinella of Selinunte, is called "The Place on Mediterranean" precisely for its particular location, very characteristic, our dishes are meat and fish, the evening makes pizza, there is a group of artists who come to entertain our clients singing and laughing together with them.

The Hall and the tables of the restaurant with behind depicted the image of Pierrot which invites to silence while eating

The restaurant is divided into two rooms, a reserved for exceptional events, such as private parties, weddings, communions etc...
The other room is used for the restaurant is open to all, 250 posts dedicated to our customers, the local fresh fish and the panorama, make the Restaurant Pierrot one of the places and details of Marinella of selinunte, impossible not to pass or not go there to eat.

A rich buffet, from fish, crustaceans until the fruit

Dine at Pierrot means taste and enjoy the genuineness of Mediterranean cuisine with selinuntini and typical products of the Valle del Belice.
Simple and refined together with particular care for the typical fish dishes and vegetables of the place:

  • Sea-nibbles
  • - noodles swordfish capers and Basil
  • - spaghetti with shrimp and rocket.
  • - fish and grilled sardines
all this and more at Pierrot of selinunte.

Un tavolo del ristorante pierrot adornato con i tipici piatti e colori della sicilia influenzata dalla cultura araba

The restaurant is recommended for its genuine Mediterranean cuisine simple and refined together, with particular care for the typical dishes of fish and vegetables.
The Restaurant Pierrot is adjacent to the Archaeological Park with vistapanoramica of the sea and the temples of Acropolis of Selinunte.
Has two inputs:

  • -Via Citadel, which allows comfortable parking for coaches.
  • -Via Marco Polo for easy access to the beach.
It has a restaurant divided in two parts, with 160 seats in the main and a terrace for 85.

The specialities of restaurant pizzeria Pierrot

Our specialities:

  • Trennette for Ricci
    Ing. abundant curly egg, mussels, shrimps shelled filets, parsley, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper. Fry in extra-virgin olive oil garlic sliced and add the chopped mussels, prawns and parsley and spray the white wine; after a few minutes Add diced tomatoes and dilute with fish broth.Boil the trenette al dente, merge them together in a pan sauce and skip them by adding the eggs of ricci to raw.
  • Tagliatelle swordfish capers and Basil
    ingredients:Swordfish, capers, basil, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, white wine, garlic, pepper.Sauté garlic swordfish capers and add the white wine, After a few minutes put inside the fresh tomato basil peeled tomatoes without seeds and after a few minutes with noodles. Do not add cheese
  • Bucatini with Sardines Trapanese
    Ingredients:sarde, wild fennel, onions, peanuts, uva passolina, almonds, olive oil, salt, pepper, tomato, peeled and soaked.Boil the fennel and keep the water where we will cook bucatini, wash and diliscare Sarde and open them to linguata, navigate to the Crescent finocchietti boiled and end up in a pan with oil with fried onion, pepper, pine nuts a pinch of Saffron, grape passolina Sarde by adding the peeled, Cook slowly for about 30 min.

Recommended wines from the Restaurant Pierrot, kept at ambient temperature in special wooden shelves

Recommended Wines

  • White:
  • Fiano (Mandrarossa)
  • The Secret white (Planeta)
  • One hundred are Inzolia i.g.t.(Carlo Pellegrino)
  • Raven White (Duke of Salaparuta)
  • Pocket Regaleali white (d'Almerita)
  • Traimari (Carlo Pellegrino)
  • Alcamo white (Carlo Pellegrino)
  • Chardonnay (Mandrarossa)
  • Feud of the Flowers (Mandrarossa)
  • Red:
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Pocket d'almerita Sicily
  • Red Nero d'Avola Regaleali (Pocket d'almerita)
  • The Secret red (Planeta)
  • Merlot (Planeta)
  • Cerasuolo di Vittoria (Planeta)
  • Bonera (Mandrarossa)
  • Red Del Conte (Pocket d'almerita)
  • Raven Rosa (Duke of Salaparuta - Rosé)

The figure of Pierrot that provides useful information to customers of the restaurant

Useful News:

  • - Open for both lunch and dinner
  • - Closing Tuesday (excluding the summer period)
  • - Payment with credit card
  • - Terrace overlooking the Sea
  • - Menu for tourist groups (the driver eats free for groups over 25 people)

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