Holiday dream to Selinunte in Sicily 7/14/2024
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Selinunte park Archaeological biggest in Europe

Ancient Selinunte

Marinella of Selinunte today is a tourist center-resort on pristine beaches and clear sea and inviting. Note worldwide as one of archaeological sites most beautiful and representative of classical civilization (seventh-fourth century. BC), archaeological park with the largest in Europe, Selinunte covers 270 hectares and is washed by rivers and Cotton Selinos.

Sea clear, pristine beaches. Relaxation and fun to Selinunte

Sea and Beaches

Both in Marinella of Selinunte that in the nearby Triscina, you will find fantastic still unspoilt coastlines, beaches of golden sand that degrade gently in a sea and crystal clear. Also you can visit the nature reserve of Belice with its wildlife wonders, which extends for more than 5Km from Selinunte until Portopalo.

Pregiatissimo extra virgin olive oil Nocellara of Belice

Nocellara del Belice

Only in Sicily in the area of Valle del Belice that thanks to its river with its water irrigates this land, is born a plant olive unique and special features unique, capable of producing oil from a canteen and an extra oil among the best in the world, "Nocellara del Belice," which has recently obtained the trademarks PDOs and PGIs, product unique.

The village of Marinella di Selinunte, seen from the harbor.

Marinella di Selinunte

Marinella di Selinunte is now a seaside resort with pristine beaches and clear sea and inviting. The borgata marinara (fraction of Castelvetrano) lives fishing, preserving and bringing with them all the flavors, traditions of the world sailor and the Mediterranean.

The enchantment of the fish, the auctioneer manages the auction in an atmosphere of celebration and tradition.

The enchantment's Fish

Early in the morning the fish caught is put "auction" in Marinella di Selinunte. A traditional sale "auction" to attract the best boxes of the fish, the fruit of the work of sailors. The charm is held every morning to 8:00 in Empedocle's Place in Marinella of Selinunte.

Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, wonderfully re-evaluated today thanks to the contribution of bakers castelvetranesi.

The Black Bread

Il Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, has a round shape to "Vastedda" and is done with an extremely rare variety of the grain "tumminia" , which makes it black. An extraordinary product to be baked, for taste and quality, only cooked in ovens in the best tradition.